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TSA Agent

TSA Certified Courier Agent


We are STA-TSA Certification Agent for air freight Courier service. It means you can count on us for reliability, freight knowledge, high end security, and the highest of standards across the board. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) may be most well known as the men and women who check your bags for dangerous items at the airport, and maybe more recently for asking you to remove shoes and dispose of your extra shampoo… but this is the organization that is responsible for our safety in the transportation arena.

So what does it mean that we have received STA-TSA air freight certification from TSA to be a agent for all known IAC (Indirect Air Carrier) AND Indirect Air Carrier Security Coordinator(IACSC)

It means that we have completed the CCSP (Certified Cargo Screening Program) training. Only an IACSC can issue your training certification. Every year we re-certify our approval and receive the latest training, And passed with an 85 score or better.

It means that your deliveries will be properly handled with the most stringent guidelines of the TSA

It means that your deliveries will be under the high end security requirements of the TSA including continuously locked vehicles and chain of custody requirements.

It means that all of our employees will have completed a security threat assessment.

It means that all our STA-TSA-certified Redline Express Courier will have completed specialized training.

It means that our facilities have been fully screened for security.

But most importantly – It means that we have the necessary security clearance to deliver your packages directly to the Air Lines without using a third party. This makes your delivery happen quicker and safer. The TSA has entrusted us with this clearance as Certified STA-TSA Agents and you can entrust us with your deliveries. If you have any further questions about our STA-TSA Agent Certification or our air freight courier services, contact us right away!