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Same Day Nationwide Services

Same Day Nationwide Delivery Service

Do you have urgent spare parts, important documents, life-saving medication or other time-critical shipments, which have to be delivered to the recipient today? We have the solution for your shipment! Your shipment will be loaded onto the next available flight, truck or van. Single shipment handling and shortest handling times are further saving valuable time.


Domestic Air Freight Services

Same Day Air Cargo Delivery

24 Hour Shipping & Delivery Service • 365 Days a Year

Whether you are shipping time-critical packages or need to deliver a product thousands of miles away, Emergency Delivery Service expedited air cargo shipping service guarantees dependability when you need it most.

By utilizing our efficient expedited air freight services, you can offer deliveries to every zip code in the United States, which allows your business to provide superior customer service. Air cargo transportation decreases shipping time and also allows greater control over inventory.

We understand the importance of getting it right

Expedited handling for your most urgent deliveries

When failure is not an option, time is short, value is important and overnight delivery isn’t an option, you need same day air and associated same day delivery services by Emergency Delivery Service. We know the success or failure of same day service can have a significant impact on your business. That’s why we’re so careful and thorough.


Emergency Delivery Service provides a broad range of urgent and same-day delivery options for lightweight to heavyweight shipments around the world.

Emergency Delivery Service can provide you with access to virtually any kind of aircraft or vehicle needed for urgent and same day delivery.

With a full suite of abilities, urgent and same-day delivery services, we have the ability to optimize solutions for nearly every shipment. Our experienced team can quickly assess a critical situation, identify transportation alternatives and implement a delivery solution that meets your time and cost requirements.

Urgent and Same-Day Delivery Critical Services Include:

  • Air – Same day, next-flight-out service within North America and between major metropolitan areas worldwide
  • Surface – Exclusive use, non-stop, door-to-door ground transportation throughout the U.S.
  • Charter – Air charter management services available throughout the U.S.
  • Hand Carry – Dedicated courier assigned to maintain in-transit, end-to-end physical possession of your same-day delivery shipment
  • Secure – When your shipment requires added security to ensure it arrives safely and remains intact. Our experienced staff can create a solution that meets your needs, for virtually any size shipment
  • Inside Precision – Provides white glove services seamlessly integrated with our transportation networks for time definite inside pickup or delivery of high value products. Our professional crews can meet your delivery challenges and manage on-site shipments, complete door-to-door service, unpacking, setup, and inside delivery
  • Value Added Services – Specialized equipment and shipment handling designed to meet your domestic freight needs


We’re a nationwide provider of expedited freight services for all of your commercial direct freight needs.

There are certain shipments that require the utmost care and attention simply because there is absolutely no margin for error. Whether you have a medical emergency, an aircraft in need of parts for emergency repair or a manufacturing facility that has gone down and in need of critical parts, our white glove service is perfect for these types of situations.

As soon as these shipments are entered into our system, they are routed to a specific individual who then continuously monitors the shipment until you know it has been delivered. This dedicated individual will provide you with a status update every step of the way.

When a time specific delivery is required and nothing else will do.  We evaluate delivery criteria and schedule the consignment in order to meet the delivery slot without fail.

With a combination of real-time tracking and our specialist time critical delivery service ensures that your time sensitive delivery gets to its destination on time. This is our forte and distinguishes us from all other transport and courier companies.

Nationwide Courier Service Options:

  • Next Flight Out
  • City-to-City Same Day Bus Shipping
  • Direct Drive to City


By land or by air, Emergency Delivery Service will ensure the safe delivery of your time-sensitive package. Nationwide Same Day deliveries range from small envelopes to large pallets of packages. A1Express can accommodate your nationwide courier service needs, whether large or small – few or many.


Services from Emergency Delivery Service

  • Our team is always available to answer your questions, inform you on your order’s location, and take new instructions
  • We have extensive experience handling critical needs for companies of all sizes, ages, and industries
  • We offer a variety of service options at multiple price points, accommodating your budget with ease
  • Besides organizing the flight, we get your order to the plane and then to its destination after it lands


Emergency Delivery Service Domestic Air Freight Services includes:

Domestic Air Freight Services

  • Same Day Flight Delivery
  • Priority / Overnight: By 12:00 pm
  • Regular Next Day: By 5:00 pm
  • Economy: 3-5 Day Delivery
  • All Air Freight Services are TSA Approved
  • AOG – Aircraft On Ground Services
  • Accommodating Time Sensitive Parts On The First Flight Available

NFO – Next Flight Out Air Services

  • Door-To-Door
  • Door-To-Airport
  • Airport-To-Airport
  • Airport-To-Door
  • Hold For Pickup
  • Drop Ship Services